05-17-2020 Get Up in Morn

There can be times in life when it seems a whole lot wiser just to stay in bed rather than get up and face the challenges of a new day. These are moments when things have not gone well for us and no matter what we try, nothing seems to bring about meaningful change. We’re frustrated. We’re tired. We’re out of ideas. We wonder, “What is the point of it all?”

Forty days after Jesus Christ rose from the dead, he removed his visible presence from this earth and took back his full glory and majesty as God. If you’ve ever wondered about the meaning of this event, you probably thought it was something like Jesus’ “mission accomplished” moment. It was. But it was much more than that.

The Bible says that Jesus is now ruling all things, everything which exists, for one purpose – to bring people to believe in him as their Savior and Lord. Think about it; that means the current pandemic, the stock market, governments, everything is being used by Christ to lead more and more people to an eternity with him.

That brings us to our reason for getting up in the morning. As a Christian, you are a part of what Jesus is doing in the world today. It may seem like a small part to you, but it is a vital part to him. When you are connected with the resurrected Christ in your daily life, what you do has eternal significance. Wouldn’t you say that’s worth getting up for?

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