Christians have struggled with the following questions for centuries.

      “How do I grow in my faith in Christ?”

      “It seems like so often I’m just going through the motions.”

      “Why don’t I feel more excited about being a Christian?”

Answers have usually drifted towards one of two extremes. On the one side, believers have looked to spiritual experiences to satisfy the hunger for a more meaningful relationship with Christ. Whether it has been dreams, visions, or supernatural events, the inevitable result is the need for increasingly powerful emotional events which have less and less to do with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The other extreme has been for Christians to develop a set of rules and regulations to follow in order to distinguish themselves from the “ordinary” believer. The result, however, is the same, a distancing from the cross and the empty tomb.

Whether you’ve lost the feeling or seem to be going through the motions in your life with Christ, the cure is the same as it has been for 2000 years, the message of God’s rescue through Jesus Christ. Yes, it’s simple, but it’s strong, reliable and unchanging. You can look for substitutes, but none will satisfy like the Good News. When it comes to experiencing God in your life, simple is always best!

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