The imagery is beautiful, a ray of light or a colorful rainbow in contrast with dark, menacing clouds. The saying embedded in the photo above means that for every hard, difficult or bad experience we go through, there is always something good which comes out of it. Sometimes we have to look long and hard for that good, but it’s there.

When we read the account of the Flood in the first book of the Bible, however, it can be hard to find a silver lining among so many dark clouds. It’s a familiar story: the ark, the animals, the flood, the rainbow. But what possible good would come out of the destruction of so many people?

One of the greatest obstacles we have in appreciating what God does in human history is our point of view. We limit God by forcing him to act within our limitations. When he doesn’t, we often accuse him of being unfair or just plain mean. No doubt, the Flood was a harsh judgment. But who rejected who? A quick glance at the opening chapters of the Bible make it very clear the Flood was never God’s intention. Instead, it was a reaction to human rejection.

Taking into account everything we know about God, Noah, and the people of that era, the Flood is all about fresh starts. And who doesn’t need one of those on a regular basis.

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