It’s a strange experience when a hand or foot goes numb. We’re so used to feelings that we have a hard time navigating ourselves without them. I had a friend whose leg went numb after a motorcycle accident. Years later he was pinned to the ground by a tractor which had tipped over while he was driving it on a hill. It took several minutes to get the tractor off him. When he was finally able to get up, he was shocked to see that the tractor exhaust pipe had burned his numb leg severely. Sometimes numbness can be disastrous.

There is a spiritual numbness which is equally destructive. It starts to creep into a person’s relationship with God when the individual begins to dabble in things the Lord has clearly instructed us to leave alone. As time goes on, their sensitivity to right and wrong begins to blur. The serious consequences of sin diminish and a sort of cheap grace thinking sets in: “I’m forgiven, right? So, what’s the big deal if I walk on the wild side a little?”

The core truth of Christianity is God makes us right with him through what Christ did for all humans on the cross and through his coming back to life. People receive the benefits of what Jesus did not by working to earn them, but by believing them to be true. Belief, however, is always followed by changed behavior. If one’s behavior doesn’t change, there is a good chance what one believes is not in Jesus.

If you see a disconnect between what you believe about Jesus and what you see in your life, join us for one of our weekend services. It may be time to get rid of the numbness and let Jesus put feeling into your heart again.

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