Stamps were his life. He spent hours studying them, years working to buy special collections. His life was very planned, predictable, but when he talked about stamps his eyes lit up, the fire of passion was stoked. The years passed, his stamp collection grew in size and value. And then he died. His son, who inherited the man’s beloved stamps, could not spend less time in finding a buyer. The son, you see, detested his father’s stamp collection and never could understand why he spent so many hours doing something which seemed to him, so utterly pointless, and so few hours with his own child. The son then took the money and went to Vegas. Spent it all in a week and returned home to his own very planned and predictable life.

It might be stamps. It might be football. It might be Facebook. It might be money. Most of us live planned and predictable lives like the two men in the story and we seek an escape from the crushing sameness of life. Something to distract us from the feeling that we are just meaningless cogs in the giant gear of human existence. It often works, but there are the moments when something inside us yearns to be part of something bigger, something more important, something more permanent. And it leaves us empty.

Years ago someone said, “There is an emptiness inside each of us the size which only Jesus Christ can fill.” And that is exactly what he does. When you are part of what Jesus is doing in this world, you are part of something that is of eternal importance. One Bible writer called it being part of the body of Christ, the Christian Church. God tells us he is always at work in this world, always active. And he offers us the invitation to be a part of what he is doing.

Looking to fill a void? Join us for one of our worship services this weekend. Be a part of something far bigger than anything we can begin to imagine.

Worship service times: Saturday: 6:00 pm, Sunday: 9:00 am & 10:30 am.