We ask the question in many different ways:

Who can I trust?

I don’t know what to believe.

Everything seems to be changing.

In each case, we’re expressing the fact that something has happened which has shaken our idea of what our lives are all about. We’re asking, “Where can I find truth?” As a foundation is to a building, truth is to human life. Get the foundation wrong and the building falls. If a person’s understanding of truth unravels, so does his life.

Everyone believes there is some type of truth which governs our lives. When it comes to truth, we are all people of faith. But what is truth? Whose truth is the truth? These are questions people have been asking for millennia.

Throughout history, the response of Christians has been, “The Bible is truth.” The Bible is comforting, controversial and challenging all at the same time. It is a book you cannot read without having some kind of strong reaction. It is a book which has changed lives and started wars. It’s often simply called “The Book”.

For over 2000 years the message of the Bible has remained the same – it claims to be the truth about God, people and eternity. It’s been banned and burned and still it has been printed more times than any other book in the world. You’ll find it in homes and hospitals, subway stations and hotels. Actually, you’ll find it just about everywhere. But most important, in the Bible you will find the truth.

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