After defeating highly favored Sonny Liston for the heavyweight boxing title, Muhammad Ali declared that he was “The Greatest”. For many years afterward Ali demonstrated greatness in the ring. Some people call him the greatest boxer who ever lived.

For most, a great person is usually someone who has a tremendous influence on other people. An individual who changes the way others live and see things. The great person is always famous and much of their lives is spent being studied and analyzed. Such is greatness to human beings.

On regular occasions, the disciples of Jesus debated greatness, specifically they argued about which one of them was the greatest. Their ideas on the subject were similar to those just mentioned above. Jesus’ input on the matter of greatness turned their thinking upside down. He said, “It isn’t about telling people what to do and attracting everyone’s attention, no, greatness is in serving, in doing what God put you on this earth to do.”

Serving has a rather negative connotation. It’s something we do only when we feel obligated or compelled by circumstances. Serving is certainly not something we choose to do. And yet, that is exactly what the ministry of Jesus Christ was all about – serving. And serving in a way which cost him everything.

If you are confused about the true definition of greatness and how to achieve it, look to Jesus Christ. His greatness through serving will enable you to experience greatness on a level you have never experienced.

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