It is very stressful to live with ongoing uncertainty. When we aren’t sure how important situations in our lives are going to turn out, we say we have “loose ends to tie up”. We’ve even developed a new term to describe tying up those loose ends – closure. We talk about getting closure when something tragic happens in our lives such as a death in the family or a major disappointment. Closure is the process of coming to grips with the way things are, accepting that new reality and then moving forward. Sometimes closure brings peace. Sometimes it leaves us unsatisfied.

For many people, there are a lot of loose ends in their relationship with God. They have questions about his involvement in their lives on a daily basis, whether he really makes a difference and if it’s worth the time and effort to develop a relationship with him. The Ascension of Jesus which took place 40 days after his resurrection ties up those spiritual loose ends and provides for us the closure we need to be certain of God’s commitment to us and the benefit of vigorously pursuing a deeper friendship with him.

Jesus ascending into heaven tends to be considered a footnote in the life of Christ when compared to his birth, crucifixion, and resurrection. But it is the Ascension which confirms three massive truths on which we Christians build our lives: 1) There is an end goal to human history and God is behind it; 2) We can be sure that divine forgiveness is real, valid, and available to all people; 3) There is a divine purpose and plan for each of our lives.

Join us for one of our weekend services and start tying up some of those important loose ends in your life!

Weekend worship service times: Saturday: 6:00 pm – Sunday: 10:00 am

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