The individual in the graphic is the quintessential definition of a non-descript person. He literally blends in with the wallpaper. If someone would ask, “What grabs your attention concerning that person?” the only answer would be that he is bland, neutral, and common. Certainly not the stuff a superhero is made of.

While most would agree that Marvel Superheroes and Biblical Superheroes are more different than alike, still, we expect more from the so-called spiritual giants of the Bible than from ordinary run of the mill Christians. We would expect them in some way to stand out. But that is not what we find in the Bible. The people God uses to accomplish the most for him are very often those from whom we would expect very little. That is surely the case with Jacob. It’s not that Jacob is unintelligent or lacked talent. His problem was an inside job. He couldn’t get enough of himself. Jacob was a “I’ve got to look out for myself” guy. A survivor. And yet, God took him and taught him through his bad decisions that God’s ways were better than his ways. The end result? God took a man with little spiritual credibility and turned him into a spiritual giant.

The chapters in Genesis which record the account of Jacob are not about a man turning his life around. No, it’s the story of God turning around the man. The life of Jacob is without a doubt, a God thing.

“So what?”, you ask. Well, the application is pretty simple, but very personal. If God can change Jacob, he can change you and me. The question is, are we willing to be changed? If your answer is “yes”, join us for one of our weekend services. If your answer is “no”, join us anyway. You might find more take aways from how God worked in this man named Jacob than you thought.

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