“Extinction” is the word used to express a growing number of peoples’ belief of what happens in death. We are all familiar with the term “extinction” when it is used in regard to certain species of animals. It means there are no more of those particular creatures. But what about a human being – what does it mean that an individual becomes extinct? In short, the person no longer exists. There is nothing, neither good nor bad. It’s all over. Nothing to look forward to, nothing to look back on. No consciousness, no peace…no anything. One life and once the last breath is taken, you are done!

Most people for most of history have rejected the above theory. Different peoples have had different beliefs about what happens and why after death. But they vigorously believed that human life has a bigger purpose than to simply pass on strong genes and that this purpose is revealed in the accountability of each individual for the way they live their life.

It seems that the biggest objection to the “life after death” and “God” hypotheses is that God has refused to give an exclusive interview to Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Fallon. In their view, if God doesn’t have the guts to go on air for each person to see for themself, then he just isn’t worth considering.

There are, of course, many negative aspects of the “one and done” view. One person put it well when he said that anyone would go insane attending a funeral if he really believed he/she was going to die. The idea of a forever of nothingness, when considered sober, is not a pleasant thought.

Unfortunately, the mention of life after death is often met by a chorus of “that is just brainwashed religious fanaticism.” Jesus Christ, however, did not flinch from talking about life after death with frequency. He talked about it with urgency and in detail. He very much separated life after death from religion and inextricably linked it to a person – himself.

If you have some doubts about the “one and done” view of human life, join us for one of our weekend services. Even if you think it is just a remote possibility that there is life after physical death, you owe it to yourself to find out what Jesus Christ said on the subject.

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