It’s an expression of ignorant arrogance we find ourselves falling into on a daily basis. We look at other people. Make snap critical judgments and automatically make ourselves out to be superior with the dismissive declaration, “I would never do what they did?” The tragic irony of such an attitude is that very often we do much the same things for which we so harshly criticize others. But we deceive ourselves by thinking, “My situation is different.”

On the night before Jesus Christ was crucified, one of his most vocal disciples, Peter, did what he would have considered the unthinkable. He denied even knowing Jesus not once, not twice, but three times. For two thousand years what Peter did has been discussed and debated, leaving people scratching their heads wondering what could have happened to a man who so confidently said hours earlier, “I will die for you, Jesus!”

The truth is, there is the denial potential in every Christian. We are not nearly as spiritually strong or courageous as we imagine. The story of Peter is our story. But it is a story that though it begins tragically, ends very, very well. That’s because our God is the master of turning even the evil we commit, into something good. If Jesus could take Peter’s denial and use it to turn him into a great Christian leader, he can do something similar with us.

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