Is Easter the best day ever? Isn’t that a bit of an overstatement? Well, consider all the different stressors in your life. If Jesus did physically rise from the dead, how important are those problems which seem so overwhelming at the moment? Now I’m not trying to minimize your challenges but think about how the resurrection of Jesus Christ impacts the problems of human life.

  • What are all the bills you have to pay going to mean the day Jesus raises you to eternal life with him?
  • How important, as you enter heaven, will it be that the kids got to all their sports practices?
  • Your job with all the responsibilities you have, will it still be stressing you out as Jesus says, “Welcome home!”
  • Even the real tough stuff like cancer is no match for Easter. Jesus rising from the dead overwhelms any disease because he says that his resurrection guarantees us that in heaven there will be no more pain or disease.
  • And the hole in your heart that’s there because the one you so dearly love is no longer with you, Easter Sunday means the separation is only temporary, very temporary.

Easter is the best day ever because it changes everything. Human beings go from meaningless chemical containers who lead empty, unimportant lives to people made to love and be loved for eternity, whose every day has eternal significance no matter how insignificant we may seem to be. Experience all the best of the best day ever!

Weekend worship service time: Sunday: 10:00 am

(This week only the Saturday evening service is cancelled.)