Certain events have such a powerful impact that what we previously thought was so very important, suddenly becomes meaningless, while other things we ignored, we begin to cherish. The loss of a loved one or a prolonged illness has a way of changing our priorities. Those kinds of experiences alter our outlook on things, compelling us to make significant changes in our lifestyle.

Without a doubt, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single most dramatic and life-changing event in history. What it practically means to human beings is immeasurable! Jesus of Nazareth physically coming back to life after being crucified three days earlier confronts us with the following conclusions:

  • God exists and we can know him.
  • Full forgiveness for real guilt is available.
  • Eternal life is a reality.
  • Jesus has done everything so that people can spend eternity in heaven.

Most of us are currently struggling with either one of three problems: 1) health issues, 2) relationship problems, 3) a shortage of money. There is no doubt, all three bring great stress to our lives, but when we stack them up against the powerful truths which result from the resurrection, we find they are not as intimidating as they seem.

What we consider most important is going to define both our choices and the path our lives will take. Resurrection priorities offer us the direction we need, both now and forever, to lead a life worth living. Join us this weekend for one of our worship services. Let the priorities of Jesus’ resurrection change your life!

Weekend worship service time: Saturday: 6:00 pm & Sunday: 10:00 am