The word “progress” is one of those rare terms which is almost always seen in a positive light. Really, who doesn’t want to make progress? We all want to see improvement and growth in our lives. The use of the word “progress”, however, can mask the true state of a situation. Instead of improvement and growth, “progress” is often used to more accurately describe “change”. Now change is a much more neutral word. Change can be good and it can be bad.

While it may seem like this short essay is a study in word definitions, it actually has everything to do with Mother’s Day which we are going to celebrate this coming Sunday. In the past, Mother’s Day has been a celebration of the ancient, accepted, and biblically based ideals concerning women, mothers, and their role not only in the life of the family, but also in society. Quite recently, though, under the guise of “progress” these concepts have been radically reframed. The result being confusion over such basic questions as, “What is a woman?” “What is a mother?” “What is family?” Rare and extreme exceptions have served as the basis to attempt to undermine ideals held by billions of people over thousands of years.

What is seen as “progress” however is more like Pandora’s box. People are intensely curious to expand the boundaries of human behavior, regardless of the consequences. Christians are seen as regressive in a call to return to biblical teaching on the subjects of sexuality, family, and the complementary roles of men and women. The truth is, the more a person experiences Jesus Christ in their life, the more they experience true progress.

Join us for one of our weekend services. Celebrate Mother’s Day in a way that will bring you sturdy, ongoing, and lasting benefits.

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