Regardless of how laid back a man might appear; he cares about the importance of his life in relation to other people. Tell a man he doesn’t matter, and you are likely to have some kind of conflict on your hands.

The troubling question, however, is: “What is it which makes a man’s life matter?” The great confusion of our time is the cluelessness of how to answer that question. Especially for younger men, meaning in life is found increasingly in video games and personal grooming. One investment article states that spending on men’s grooming worldwide was $56 billion and is expected to increase by 8.4% next year. For other men, it is financial or career achievements. For still others, their purpose in life is found in sports.

No one challenges the observation that men like to achieve – but what type of achievement makes a man’s life truly matter?

The man whose life mattered more than that of any man in history is Jesus Christ. What he did and what he teaches about a manly life which matters are admittedly at odds with current thinking. Which would lead many to simply dismiss what he has to say. However, of all the men who have discoursed on the topic of living a life that matters, he’s the only one who has come back from the dead. Men, it really might be worth your while to have a listen to what he says this Father’s Day.

We all get only one shot at life. Which of us doesn’t want our life to matter?

Sunday Worship Time: 10:00 am

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