It can be a very frustrating experience to provide an essential service to people without their realizing it. To make matters worse, those same people often complain that you really aren’t doing much of anything and wonder why you don’t do so much more. Parents go through this drama on a regular basis!  

One wonders how God endures the constant criticisms of human beings who accuse him of either doing too little or doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. And there is a growing consensus that God is just basically twiddling his thumbs.

A cursory reading of the Bible makes it pretty clear that far from just passing time looking at his naval, God is intensely and intimately involved in human life in an extremely active way. What muddles our understanding of how much and what he is doing is found in our way of looking at life. We see it from our perspective and assume God shares the same vision. It should be pretty obvious to us, but he doesn’t. God’s determination of good and evil, happiness and unhappiness, success and failure are often worlds apart from ours. And that not only causes misunderstanding, it creates conflict.

A close study of God’s working in this world shows consistently that his activity is always driven by his committed, loving concern for the creatures he calls his children – creatures like you and me. No, God is not twiddling his thumbs, he is urgently and powerfully working toward one purpose – to bring you into his presence for all of eternity. Join us this Sunday and spend some  time thinking about what that can mean to you.

Sunday Worship Time: 10:00 am

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