Having a serious, ongoing disagreement with another person is not only exhausting, it also disrupts every part of our lives, leaving us in a constantly irritable disposition. Fights lead even the most spiritually skeptical of people to pray for some kind of peace. Living in open hostility takes a huge toll on human beings.

Unfortunately, our prayers for peace too often seem to go unanswered. That may be because we are praying for God to profoundly change the person with whom we are fighting and forget completely about the need for Him to change us!

In an intense prayer for unity in the New Testament book of Ephesians, a shocking peace principle is proposed. We will get along with others only until we appreciate how God gets along with us. While conflict resolution always requires that both parties make attitude and behavioral changes, the key is the motivating drive behind those changes. Peace for the sake of peace rarely is a strong enough reason for a person to make significant long-term changes in the way they treat other people. Knowing and experiencing the power, strength and love of Jesus Christ is!

If you are looking to improve your relationships with other people, first look to Jesus. Join us for our worship service this Sunday. Together let’s take a good long look at Him! And then let’s see how we get along with others.

Sunday Worship Time: 10:00 am