God’s Plan 2.0

God’s Plan 2.0

It is difficult for some of us older computer users to appreciate the highly acclaimed updates our software developers tell us we absolutely need. We’re comfortable with the “old” look on our computer screens. We know where our information is and how to get to it. Updates, versions 2.0 obliterate that comfortable familiarity and challenge our limited technological patience with learning new shortcuts, storage locations and log in requirements. Change can be intimidating. Maybe that’s why many of us are resistant to it. 

Jesus Christ came to bring change; big time change in a big time way. The day of Pentecost is one of those epic change moments. While everything Jesus said and did was very much rooted in the Old Testament writings which speak of him, his ministry and mission were not what the people who were waiting for him expected. And that created massive confusion. 

After 2000 years Christians have thoroughly embraced the Pentecost “upgrade” the Holy Spirit brought upon the Church, yet the implications of what happened that day continue to resonate powerfully in our lives. The significance of Pentecost is no less relevant to present day Christians than it was to those first disciples. What happened that day shook up those early believers and it should do the same to us. But more than confront us with change, Pentecost should motivate us to join God in what he is doing in our world. And that is the most exciting change a human being can experience. 

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