What Do You See in the Mirror?

What Do You See in the Mirror?

     The answer to that question depends on what we’re looking for. If we’re about to go to an important appointment we are checking to see if our hair is combed neatly, make up attractively applied, etc. If we’re washing our face in the morning, our gaze might be more philosophical. We notice more gray hairs and wrinkles and wonder what happened to the young person we used to see in that same mirror. If we have just hurt someone we care about deeply, we look into the mirror and wonder who that person is we are seeing. Staring into a mirror can lead to all different kinds of reactions and emotions on our part.

      For a follower of Jesus Christ, looking into the mirror has a much different purpose – it’s meant to be an exercise in life goal planning. While it’s important to look good for other people, absolutely necessary to understand we are getting older and will face death sooner than later, and to identify our outrageous capacity to hurt other people, there’s much more to looking into the mirror of our lives. When Jesus takes us to that mirror, his goal is that each day we begin to see more and more of him in that reflection and less and less of ourselves!

      Last week we began a study of what a group of Christians (the Church) and individual believers are to look like in daily life. The first thing we saw was the need to grow the essential habit of intentional worship, both formally and as a lifestyle. This Sunday we’re going to be studying what God’s plan is for our lives. And it is pretty simple to understand – he wants us to get to heaven and become more like Jesus along the way.

      When we look into the mirror of our lives, do we see any similarity to Jesus? Or do we see a stressed out, hassled human being struggling so hard to be happy, but not having as much success as we’d like? Join us this Sunday for our worship service. Maybe we’re trying to be something God never intended and a good look in the mirror is what we need to get us back on his path.

 Sunday Morning Worship – 10:00 am

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