What Other People Think Matters to Us

What Other People Think Matters to Us

We would like to believe we are self-assured of our convictions, that what other people think of us regarding what we believe to be most important in life does not matter. But deep down, we know it does. If someone we respect belittles or criticizes something we value, our thinking is challenged. And usually, we either confront that person and a debate ensues or we walk away and dismiss their opinion as being uninformed and maybe even just plain stupid. What we most often do not do is research and reevaluate the reasons for which we hold to our principles. 

Maybe you’ve been a Christian for a long time, maybe it’s been only recently you’ve put your trust in Christ as your Savior and Lord. Regardless of how long you’ve identified yourself as a Christian, you’ve realized that you live in a world that is at best, apathetic towards Jesus and at worst, hostile to him. The One you value most in your life, the majority of people you spend time with think he is completely irrelevant. What makes it even more unnerving is that many of these folks are very moral, they are enjoyable to be around, they’re educated and successful. It is impossible to live long as a Christian and not ask, “Is what I believe about Jesus true?”     

For the last four weeks, each Sunday we have studied the eternity changing implications on our lives of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. One last, but extremely essential question needs to be raised, “Did Christ really rise from the dead?” More than 5 billion people living today believe he did not. What are the solid, convincing reasons we believe he did? If you are unsure of those reasons, join us for our worship service this Sunday. Discover why the best response to the question, “What happened to the crucified Jesus” continues to be:

“He has risen!

He has risen indeed!” 

Sunday Morning Worship – 10:00 am

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