Who Do You Bow Down To?

Who Do You Bow Down To?

      The answer to the question above for most people might well be, “I don’t bow down to anyone!” We Americans are a proud people. We cling tightly to the words of the Declaration of Independence which say, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” We don’t take kindly to anyone telling us what to do.

      Yet, in some way, all of us worship something or someone. We all have what we could call a “god” which we consider most important. Our worship of that god is seen in our decisions: what gets most of our time, our thoughts, our efforts, our money? When something has to be sacrificed, what is the one thing or person that is untouchable when it comes to cutting back? Whatever it is you answer, that’s what you worship.

      For the next five weeks we’re going to be studying what the Christian church is all about, why it exists, what its characteristics are. And it is important to say that what we find to be crucial to the church, is also essential to our individual Christian lives.

      There are probably more, but we are going to study the congregational and individual Christian disciplines of worship, discipleship, fellowship, service and evangelism. Of all five, worship is probably the most important. If we are going to be serious about being followers of Jesus Christ, worship will be the heart of our loving God.

      Join us this Sunday morning. Try making worship a way of life!

 Sunday Morning Worship – 10:00 am

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