“Who Do You Serve?”

“Who Do You Serve?”

Probably the first and strongest reaction we have to that question is, “I don’t serve anybody!” But that’s not true. We all serve someone or something. For most of us, we bow down to “King Me”. That sounds strong, but “King Me” takes on many different forms. Some really do worship themselves, they’re the super self-centered kind. You know who they are when you talk with them. They can only converse on one subject – themselves! 

For others serving self comes in the form of worshiping another person. There is something missing in their own lives which they have found in another human being. While it seems like they are idolizing the other, the reality is, they are meeting their own need through someone else. 

And some people serve a dream or a goal. Maybe it’s money, it could be fame, or it might be power. But whatever they are chasing, it gives their life meaning, value and purpose. 

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, one of the most familiar of all Christian celebrations. Most people know Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey that day. Everybody seemed to like him at the moment, but then five days later they all changed their mind and demanded he be crucified! But Palm Sunday is more than just a springboard to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. It is the day Jesus looks each one of us in the eye and asks, “Who do you serve?” That’s not only a healthy question to consider, where we spend eternity depends on how we answer. 

If you haven’t really thought about who you serve in your life, join us this Sunday. When you compare King Jesus to the other options, there very definitely is a clear winner. 

Sunday Morning Worship – 10:00 am

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