Easter Hope

Easter Hope

No one goes through life without getting knocked down in some way. Whether it is a massive failure, a tragic accident, an arrogant bad decision or a broken heart, there are times when even the most faithful Christian wonders, “Is it worth it to keep on going?” 

Easter Hope is the life changing application of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Because he overcame death, we can trust that everything he said and promised is true. Which practically means, no matter how often or how hard we get knocked down, there is hope, powerful and eternal hope which is more than enough motivation to keep on going. 

Easter is the best day in history because it changes everything. Christ physically returning to life after his crucifixion three days earlier means human beings go from meaningless chemical containers who lead empty, unimportant lives to people made to love and be loved for eternity, whose every day has eternal significance no matter how insignificant life at the present moment may seem. 

Experience all the best of the best day ever! Experience the hope that day offers you no matter where you are or what has happened. 

Sunday Morning Easter Worship – 11:00 am

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