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Book of the Month

Surely there’s more than one way to get to heaven? Bestselling author Andy Stanley addresses this popular belief held even among Christians. But believing that all good people go to heaven raises major question such as:

  • How good is good enough to go to heaven?
  • Who decides the standard?
  • What is my current score?
  • What exactly do I have to do to reach the “good enough” level?

Smart, educated, accomplished men and women everywhere are banking their eternities on a theory that doesn’t hold water. Chances are, you’ve never really thought it through.

Find out what’s wrong with the most popular theory about heaven—and what it really takes to get there.

You owe it to yourself to read through this short booklet and at least consider God’s enormous grace and mercy.

We’d be happy to send you a copy. Just send us a message requesting one.

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Our Library

If you are in need of Christian reading material, check out our list of free booklets. Choose any two titles at a time and we’ll get them out to you free of charge.

  • More Than a Carpenter

    A classic on evidence which supports the teachings of the Bible. Easy to read with a compelling personal story.

  • The Case for Easter

    The Case for Easter is part of the more detailed book “The Case for Christ”. This booklet focuses on history which leads to the conclusion that Jesus of Nazareth did physically rise from the dead.

  • The Case for Christ

    Lee Strobel presents a solid case for the truthfulness of historical Christianity as it is presented in the Bible. Concise, yet ample in details, The Case for Christ is an excellent beginning for those interested in learning more about Christianity.

  • He Did This Just for You

    An inspirational description of the meaning and significance of the death of Jesus Christ on the cross.

  • Give It All to Him

    A beautiful story of a Savior who can take all our garbage on his shoulders – and amazingly, still stand!

  • The 3:16 Promise

    A twenty-six-word parade of hope: beginning with God, ending with life, and urging us to do the same.

  • Know Your Bible

    If you are looking for a “big picture” explanation of the Bible, this book is a great start.

  • Positively Lutheran

    Positively Lutheran is just that, a thoroughly upbeat presentation of Christianity from a Lutheran perspective.

  • How to Study the Bible

    Want to study the Bible but aren’t sure where to begin, begin with this booklet!

  • One-Minute Inspirations for Women

    Christ-centered everyday wisdom for busy women to keep their minds focused on Christ.

  • One-Minute Insights for Men

    If you are a guy on the go but still want daily spiritual encouragement, let us send you One-Minute Insights for Men.

  • How Good Is Good Enough

    Most people believe “good people” go to heaven. Does their thinking hold up to scrutiny?

  • What on Earth Am I Here for?

    What on earth am I here for? What a great question. How do you answer it? If you’re looking for some ideas, check out this booklet.

  • Putting an X through Anxiety

    Knowing firsthand the reality of the battle of anxiety, Louie Giglio shares both practical and spiritual ways to walk in freedom.

  • Grieving with Hope

    Booklets which are filled with inspiration for the most challenging times in life.

  • The Bible: How to Read and Understand It

    Have you tried to read your Bible only to give up in frustration? Check out “How to Read and Understand the Bible” and then give the Bible another try.

  • Experiencing Grief

    Norman Wright offers important and helpful encouragement to get through the tidal waves of life without letting them overwhelm us, while at the same time acknowledging their impact.

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Useful Links

🔗 Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

For a comprehensive presentation of the ministry and programs of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, click

🔗 WELS Kingdom Workers

Kingdom Workers strives to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ by addressing the physical and spiritual needs of communities throughout the world. If you are interested in Christian volunteer work, please visit WELS Kingdom Workers at

🔗 Northwestern Publishing House

Looking for Christ centered inspirational reading materials, check out the wide variety of books the Northwestern Publishing House offers at

🔗 Reasonable Faith

The Reasonable Faith website provides solid answers to those who question the truthfulness of Christianity. An excellent resource to help work through spiritual questions and doubts:

🔗 Gary Habermas

Gary Habermas is one of the leading scholars on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection is the foundation of the Christian faith. Dr. Habermas’ website offers powerful arguments which demonstrate that Jesus Christ physically rose from the dead. To visit, click

🔗 Discovery Institute

The Discovery Institute specializes in promoting a non-Darwinian view of the origin of the world and human life. This website will supply helpful information for those who are confronted with the evolutionary view of human existence:

🔗 Daily Bible Reading Helps

If you would like to receive a short devotional, a daily Bible reading, or a family devotion, please take a look at the options available from the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod:

🔗 Marriage Moments

If you are looking for Christian encouragement in your married life, check out Marriage Moments at

🔗 WELS & ELS Singles Group

If you’re single (unmarried, divorced, widowed) and looking to socialize, make friends, or enjoy fellowship with other singles who share your faith, we encourage you to join their Facebook group at

🔗 Time of Grace

Time of Grace is an excellent devotional resource which treats many of the diverse aspects of the Christian life through videos, recorded worship services and Bible studies. Click to visit.

🔗 What about Jesus

This website is full of basic information on the person and work of Jesus Christ. If you are new to Christianity, check it out at

🔗 Conquerors through Christ

Pornography is a spiritual pandemic which is having disastrous consequences in the lives of individual Christians and whole churches. Conquerors through Christ offers needed help and ongoing support with grace and compassion. To visit, click