Mornings with Mommy

Mornings with Mommy is a fun program for stay-at-home moms or caregivers to get out of the house for a playdate with their little one. We provide a themed hour with songs, a short story, and then free play designed to develop gross motor skills, fine motor skills, artistic expression and just have fun! Some of our free play is messy so dress accordingly! A drink and snacks are also provided.

Playdates are typically every other Friday from 9:30 am to 10:30 am. Please go to our Mornings with Mommy Facebook page for dates, registration, and other details.

We welcome all mothers and children, even if you're not a church member.

Whether you saw us on Facebook or heard of us through a friend, we welcome you to come join us and see what Mornings with Mommy is all about. You can relax knowing you and your child(ren) are in a safe, inclusive & encouraging environment as they develop valuable social and cognitive skills while having fun, too.

  • Vicki

    "My kids and I love Mornings with Mommy! It is my daughter's favorite place to go. Everyone is very welcoming, friendly, and inviting. The activities are so creative and I really appreciate the time and effort given to the community."

  • Katie W.

    "We have been regularly going to Mornings with Mommy for over 2 years. We love it! It’s so nice to spend time with other moms, to watch my daughter interact with other kids her own age (and realize she’s not that wild - they’re all crazy toddlers) and to get to do creative activities I would never think to put together at home. My daughter loves the songs we sing, the arts and crafts activities, and is always a fan of the sensory bins. We are so thankful for the fun, the sense of community and of course the snacks at Mornings with Mommy."

  • Sarah P.

    Mornings with Mommy has been such a blessing to my family. A safe place to learn and grow and connect with others in our community. I have built friendships and connections because of this group. We have a special place in our hearts for Kristy and the church for opening their church to our children. Mornings with Mommy shows God's love to our community.