Forgiveness Is Not an Option

Forgiveness Is Not an Option

A wealthy European fashion designer once remarked, “Forgiveness is too easy…I prefer revenge.” In a sense, he was half right. Most of us do prefer revenge to forgiveness. The truth is, sincerely forgiving someone is possibly the most difficult thing a human being can do. There is a sense of vengeance in all of us which not only seeks to get back at the other person, but to annihilate them so that they will never dare to even try to hurt us in the future. 

Revenge is easy. Forgiving takes the supernatural power of God. And yet, letting go of the anger, hatred and bitterness which comes from being hurt is also one of the most liberating experiences a human being can have. 

Jesus told his followers that the essential result of receiving his forgiveness is then to be able to forgive other people. He intends that his forgiveness produces forgiveness in us. The absence of that kind of forgiveness demonstrates a lack of appreciation for who Christ is and what he has done for us. 

When confronted with Jesus’ command to forgive, our reaction is usually, “But no one knows what happened to me.” And that well may be true. No human being can fully go through what another has undergone. But Jesus does know what has happened to you. He knows not just intellectually, he knows by experience. There is not a person on this earth who can say they have begun to suffer the pain Christ did. And know this, the reason he went through it all was so that you would have the solid hope he will get you through your hurt. No matter what we’ve been through, we can all learn to forgive. We can be healed of our hurt. We can become more like Christ. Because, after all, Jesus is the Miracle Worker. 

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