Genie or Savior?

Genie or Savior?

All of us want a miracle every now and then. Even people who claim there is no such thing as miracles secretly wish for one when things get tough. And who can blame us? There are times in life when we have exhausted all our resources and still the pain of our problem is just too much. But, if we’re honest with ourselves, the miracles we want are actually very significant quick fixes. We want our problem to go away so that we can return to enjoying life on our terms. 

Jesus did about 40 miracles during his earthly ministry. They varied from healing the sick, to multiplying food, to demonstrating control over nature and even human death. Though he was usually very discreet about his miracle making abilities, the word got out and people thronged to him, hoping to get their own personal miracle. Which is all very understandable. People still turn to Jesus for miracles today, even if they aren’t all that interested in becoming one of his followers. We can get so desperate; we’ll try anything or anyone to give us relief. 

When we look closely at the miracles of Jesus, however, we find that the last thing he intended for people was to see him as a miracle maker specializing in quick fixes. Jesus’ miracles always had long term objectives for the person he was helping – specifically a lifelong relationship with him. The quick fix miracle was meant to lead the person into an eternal cure far beyond anything they could imagine. 

If you are praying for a miracle, keep on praying. The power of God to do miracles hasn’t diminished in the last 2000 years. But as you pray for relief of some kind of suffering which is making life miserable, ask the Miracle Maker, Jesus, for the most important miracle – the forgiveness of sins and life in heaven. Any physical miracle will someday lose its importance. Christ’s forgiveness never will. 

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