Good News!

Good News!

Good news, there’s something very contagious about it. Good news not only lifts our spirits but also those of the people with whom we share it. Unfortunately, most of the information people pass along to others is either depressing or derogatory. That may be one explanation of why so many of us feel down about the state of things in our lives and tend to see the dark side of whatever may be happening. It is worth noting that despite record prosperity, Americans have rarely felt more negative about the present and near future. 

With 2024 being an election year, we will continue to be bombarded with the “good news” proposals of all the various candidates. Each one promises to provide solutions to all problems known to man! Most of us have become rather cynical about such promises. 

For Christians, however, there exists good news which isn’t overhyped. While the Gospel or “good news” of Jesus Christ may seem simplistic and idealistic in our modern world it radically changes not only how people see things but more importantly how they live on a daily basis. The person of Jesus Christ and what he did for humanity is anchored both in the here and now and the hereafter, giving it a transforming power which no other message has. 

If you’re in need of some legitimate good news, join us this Sunday morning. Judge for yourself if the good news of Jesus is just hype or the real thing.       

Sunday Morning Worship – 10:00 am

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