Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Not too many of us would be so bold as to claim we always have our lives under control. Things happen that we don’t expect causing us to not only feel out of control, but very much confused as to how to deal with what is going on. We all live through times when we doubt ourselves and feel disoriented. 

The followers of Jesus Christ had all sorts of questions after his crucifixion and very few answers. To say they were confused would be a huge understatement.

  • Why did he apparently let himself be executed?
  • There were so many times he could have just walked away. Why didn’t he?
  • What would be the point of voluntarily allowing oneself to be crucified?
  • And what would happen to his followers? The same thing – death on a cross?
  • Was there any other option besides to go home and pick up life where they left off when Jesus of Nazareth burst into their lives?
Questions, questions, and more questions. But Jesus didn’t leave all those questions unanswered, and he doesn’t leave them unanswered today. If you feel like you are in a black hole of doubt about yourself and what you believe, join us for our Sunday morning worship service. The significance of Jesus’ resurrection shines an incredible amount of light on the frustrating darkness of not being able to make sense of what is going on in our lives.

Sunday Morning Worship – 10:00 am

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