The High Road

The High Road

You don’t hear too often these days the phrase, “Take the high road.” Taking the high road means a person chooses to do what is right, regardless of whether it will benefit him/her or not. The “high road” refers to a lifestyle based on integrity even though a person may be surrounded by others who have morally compromised themselves.

It’s an uncomfortable question to ask ourselves, “Am I a person who usually takes the high road?” It’s a common question for many to wonder, “What is the high road?” Jesus Christ addressed both questions for us with a detailed and disturbing discourse called the Sermon on the Mount. In just a few words he said, “No, no one has taken the high road much of the time and that is because that road is a whole lot higher than anyone ever imagined.”

For some, their idea of the Christian life is to smile, hold up two fingers and say, “Love and peace” as much as possible. That might be part of it, but Jesus leaves no doubt that a serious commitment to him on a daily basis involves a transformation that is so drastic it requires supernatural intervention.

The high road Jesus describes is neither easy, comfortable, or pleasant. But it is revolutionary in the sense our broken humanity needs revolution. If you are looking for a challenge that will shake up your world, join us for our Sunday morning worship service. You may not appreciate everything we study, but the opportunity to change can’t help but leave you excited.

Sunday Morning Worship – 10:00 am

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