The Worship Connection

The Worship Connection

Worship is one of those concepts we are very familiar with but are hard pressed to explain in a way that even we ourselves understand what we’re saying. A very basic definition of worship is “to come into the presence of God”. But how does that happen when we can’t physically see, hear, or touch God? 

We talk about connecting with people. Usually that involves an in-person meeting with the individual, but it isn’t primarily being in their physical presence that makes the connection. Usually, it is made when two people are encouraged, built up, share information, enjoy similar interests, etc. Those are all intangibles, things we can’t see, but value very highly in our relationships with other people. Our relationship with God isn’t all that much different in some ways. 

Worship is, in a very real sense, connecting with God. When we come into his presence, we are encouraged, instructed, comforted, built up, forgiven and motivated. Our response to what God does for us is reverence, respect, and the commitment to demonstrate our love for him in the way we live. 

Worship has gotten a bad rap by those who would paint it out as sitting through a boring, mind-numbing church service. While worship does involve church services (which shouldn’t be boring!), it plays a crucial role in every area of our lives. If we are not worshiping God the way he designed us to worship him, then we are worshiping someone or something else and that will end up in a disaster – especially in the long term. If you know intuitively that worship is important but aren’t exactly sure why, join us for our Sunday morning service. Together let’s start down the path of letting worship revolutionize our lives in very real and practical ways. 

Sunday Morning Worship – 10:00 am

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